O’keeffe’s Ship Ladders

  • 1 1/4″ deeply serrated square rungs for maximum grip and foot traction.
  • Non-spark, high strength 6061-T6 alloy rungs and 6063-T5 alloy extrusions
  • Rung capable of withstanding 1,500-pound load.
  • Available for standard or heavy duty application in four models types.
  • Certified to meet OSHA/ANSI 3124 standards.

Lightweight and maintenance-free aluminum construction. Over 60 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience.

Ship Ladder Specs

  • 60 or 75 degree standard angles, other angles and custom designs are available upon request
  • 1 1/2″ diameter pipe rails
  • Designate Model 52# for 75-degree angle and Model 52#A for 60 degrees. 

Available Ship Ladder Models

Ship Ladder Model 520
Model 520
Ship Ladder Model 521
Model 521
Ship Ladder Model 522
Model 522
Ship Ladder Model 523
Model 523