Ladder Gate ®

The patented design of the Ladder Gate® is effective in keeping unauthorized people from climbing fixed ladders, to control vandalism, eliminate injuries, and to minimize your liability.

The shield (8′ high x 1/8″ thick) is constructed of alumium so that painting is not needed. The angeld sides enclose the ladder to prevent reaching around the shield.

The hardware (hot dipped galvanized) enables Ladder Gate® to be installed on most fixed ladders regardless of their construction. Each Ladder Gate® unit is complete and can be installed without cutting, welding, or alterations – only a 3/8″ wrench is needed.

Distributed exclusively by BL Wilcox & Associates


The Cost of Control is Reasonable

Fixed ladders exist, of course, to provide access for personnel to areas where their services may be required. Until recently, devices or systems which allowed easy access by authorized personnel while effectively preventing unauthorized use, were too costly or too complicated to install. Ladder Gate® has changed all that. The price is reasonable and installation is simple.

Ladder Gate Works with Your Lock and Keys

No special equipment is needed. An authorized person simply unlocks your padlock on the Ladder Gate, swings the shielding gate aside and has unhampered access to the ladder. Everything needed is provided with Ladder Gate® except a padlock.

Permanent Control

The shielding door of Ladder Gate® is heavy-gauge, rust proof aluminum. All braces and hardware are fabricated from galvanized heavy-gauge steel. Although installation is simple, Ladder Gate®, once in place, can be a permanent device, with little or no maintenance required.


Two workers can install a Ladder Gate® in an hour or two. No welding, cutting or alterations are needed. Just bolt hardware in place, position Ladder Gate® shield and fasten shield to support braces. Authorized personnel can use Ladder Gate® with ease. The shield does not have to be removed, unbolted or lowered to the ground. Simply unlock and remove the padlock and open Ladder Gate® as you would a door.

Technical Details


The shielding door of the Ladder Gate® unit is constructed of heavy-gauge rust-proof aluminum. The angled sides prevent reaching around the shield to gain access to the ladder. The eight foot length deters bypassing. All braces and hardware are fabricated from galvanized heavy-gauge steel.The preventative shield can be installed to swing open from either the right or the left, allowing easy use of the ladder. It is secured with your own padlock when closed. Since only personnel with a key can open the device, the easily installed Ladder Gate® shield prevents unwanted or uncontrolled access.

  • All braces and hardware are fabricated from rust-resistant, hot-dip galvanized, heavy gauge steel.
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum shield (3ft x 8 ft; 1/8′ thick)
  • Bolt-on brackets ensure easy installation (no welding, cutting or alterations necessary)
  • Use of heavy duty, high quality padlock is recommended.
  • “Side Lock” option.
  • “Front Lock” optionUse for lock if shield is turned to open to the right.
  • 8′ continuous heavy duty piano hinge.

Download Drawing Sheet

For best results, Ladder Gate Climb Preventative Shield should be installed at a minimum of 10″ above ladder base. Each Ladder Gate shield is complete with instructions and can be installed by two unskilled personnel in less than one hour, using a 3/8″ socket or wrench.


  • Heavy-gauge aluminum shield
  • Hot dipped galvanized, heavy gauge steel braces and hardware
  • Hinged shield gate
  • Bolt-on brackets
  • Latch for padlock use


  • Maintenance-free
  • Rust proof
  • Tamper proof
  • No paint needed
  • Swings completely out of the climber’s way when ladder is in use
  • Quick, easy installation; no
    • Welding
    • Cutting
    • Or alterations required, 
  • Installs with 9/16” wrench
  • Ensures key-safe, controlled access by authorized persons only

Shipping Weight: 70 lbs (32kg)

The Ladder Gate® Preventative Shield is currently available complete, ready to install. (Lock and keys not supplied)

This apparatus is protected under U.S. Patent No. 3968857 and 5,343,977.