Door Thresholds

Cast abrasive-surfaced door thresholds provide safe footing at entrances for the life of a building. The designs shown here are the most popular. They can be factory notched to fit door jambs, eliminating costly field labor. Thresholds are ready for immediate installation, with holes factory drilled and countersunk.

How to Specify
All thresholds shall be cast abrasive style No._____________ as manufactured by American Safety Tread Company, Helena, Alabama 35080, Telephone 1-800-245-4881. Thresholds shall be cast in Alumacast, Feracast, Bronzacast or Nickelcast with #24 virgin grain Silicon Carbide granulees embedded into the walking surface while the matrix is in a molten state. All metals shall be furnished in natural metal finish. Feracast shall have one coat of shop applied black paint.