Elevator Door Sills

Anti-Slip Protection at Every Elevator Entrance
Anti-slip elevator sills protect passengers in commercial building elevators. American Safety Tread cast metal elevator sills have the flexibility required to custom fit all elevator entrances. Available in narrow width as well as full depth opening, cast anti-slip entrance sills are designed for every elevator. Our sills are manufactured in four metals to suit all design criteria.

Narrow width sill, drilled and tapped with machined door guide groove. Ready for immediate field installation.

Full depth sill custom cast to suit field conditions. Drilled and tapped with machined door guide groove.

Swing door sill for with cutout for automatic door closer. Drilled and tapped for easy field installation.

How to Specify
All elevator sills shall be cast abrasive style No._____________ as manufactured by American Safety Tread Company, Helena, Alabama 35080, Telephone 1-800-245-4881. Elevator sills shall be cast in Alumacast, Feracast, Bronzacast or Nickelcast with #24 virgin grain Silicon Carbide granulees embedded into the walking surface while the matrix is in a molten state. All metals shall be furnished in natural metal finish. Feracast shall have one coat of shop applied black paint.