JL Industries Roof Hatches

Model RHDG Galvanized Roof Hatch

Model RHDG Series roof hatch

The Model RHDG Series roof hatches provide for normal ladder, step ladder and stair access to roof from interior of the building. Manufactured from galvanized steel with weather resistant gasketing, these units feature long life, low maintenance and ease of operation. J.L. offers fully-welded, mitered corners and box type door design. Units install easily over roof opening and are secured from base flange to roof deck.


Curb: 14 ga. galvanized steel. 12″ high curb with 4″ wide flange including holes for securing to roof deck. (Curb includes integral counter flashing)
Cover: 14 ga. galvanized steel.
Door Seal: TPE continuous hatch seal.
Insulation: 1″ fiberboard insulation surrounding base. 1″ fiberglass insulation between exterior door and liner.
Hinges: Heavy duty hinge with zinc pin.
Linkage: Heavy gauge automatic hold open arm with red vinyl grip for opening and closing.
Closure: Compression operated, shock absorbing cylinder.
Latch: Exterior handle, inside locking handle with interior and exterior padlock hasp.
Options: Ladder post, Model LP-4, Black Painted Steel, Model LP-5, Galvanized Steel

JL RHG specs

Sizes and Shipping Weight

ModelCurb OpeningShipping Weight
RHDG-1WT30″ x 36″150 lbs.
RHDG-2WT54″ x 30″210 lbs.
RHDG-3WT96″ x 30″315 lbs.
RHDG-4WT36″ x 36″185 lbs.
RHDG-5WT48″ x 48″260 lbs.
RHDG6WT32” x 72”235 lbs.
RHDG-7WT37” x 30”140 lbs.
All RHDG models include components or materials which are ASTM certified under Specifications A792/A792M; A653/A653M; C726-00a; A36/A36M-00a.

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