Williams Bros. – Premium General Purpose Access Door

Model WB-GP 100 Series

This precision flush access door for wall and ceiling installation far surpasses other doors because its surround trim is welded on all four sides to the return frame providing strength and rigidity.

Model WB-GP 100 Series

Door & Trim: 14-gague steel. Trim being 1-1/2″ wide.
Return Frame: 18-gague steel having a depth of 1-3/4″.
Hinges: Fully-concealed piano-type hinge. Allows opening 170ー. Number of hinges varies with size of door and will be placed on long side of door unless otherwise requested.
Latches: Flush, stainless steel cam operated with screwdriver. Latches are positioned opposite hinge as well as top and bottom on larger sizes.
Finish: Electrostatically applied baked white enamel coat over rust-inhibiting phosphate treated steel. This coating can be used as a finish or as a prime coat.

Packaging and Options

Options: (AT EXTRA COST) Masonry anchor straps (4 straps minimum per door). Cylinder locks keyed alike with 2 keys per lock. Tamper proof screws. Prepped to accommodate mortise series lock. Weather resistant and air-tight neoprene gasketing.
Optional Finishes: (AT EXTRA COST) White baked enamel, Stainless Steel Type 304 or Type 316 No. 4 Satin Finish or Zinc coated.

Section Detail

Standard Sizes

Shipping Wt.
*6″x6″6 1/4″x6 1/4″114
*8″x8″8 1/4″x8 1/4″115
*8″x12″8 1/4″x12 1/4″116
*8″x16″8 1/4″x16 1/4″218
*10″x10″10 1/4″x10 1/4″116
*12″x12″12 1/4″x12 1/4″138
12″x16″12 1/4″x16 1/4″2310
12″x1812 1/4″x18 1/4″2311
12″x24″12 1/4″x24 1/4″3424
*14″x14″14 1/4″x14 1/4″2310
*16″x16″16 1/4″x16 1/4″2313
16″x20″16 1/4″x20 1/4″3316
16″x24″16 1/4″x24 1/4″3417
*18″x18″18 1/4″x18 1/4″3314
18″x24″18 1/4″x24 1/4″3418
18″x36″18 1/4″x36 1/4″+529
20″x20″20 1/4″x20 1/4″3317
20″x24″20 1/4″x24 1/4″3421
20″x30″20 1/4″x30 1/4″+423
22″x22″22 1/4″x22 1/4″3422
22″x24″22 1/4″x24 1/4″3423
22″x30″22 1/4″x30 1/4″+425
22″x36″22 1/4″x36 1/4″+532
*24″x24″24 1/4″x24 1/4″3424
24″x30″24 1/4″x30 1/4″+427
24″x36″24 1/4″x36 1/4″+535
24″x48″24 1/4″x48 1/4″+643
30″x30″30 1/4″x30 1/4″+632
30″x36″30 1/4″x36 1/4″+639
36″x36″36 1/4″x36 1/4″+744
36″x48″36 1/4″x48 1/4″+857
48″x48″48 1/4″x48 1/4″+1270
*Standard in Stainless Steel   + Piano Hinges