Saf-T-Pivot Permanent Dismount Section

Saf-T-Pivot Dismount Section

The Saf-T-Pivot dismount section dramatically reduces the danger workers encounter when dismounting at the top of a climb. Designed to extend 4’6″ above floor level the dismount allows user to rotate 360° to gain safe footing before detaching from the system*. The shuttle can then be removed from the top of the rail if required. 

Standard permanent dismount sections are:

  • Minimum of 8′, custom lengths available. 
  • Recommended for every installation where a worker dismounts at the top of a climb. 
  • Mid-climb dismount sections also available

A stainless steel Quick Release Pin is available to replace the standard stop bolt for convenience during frequent usage. The Quick Release Pin comes with a stainless steel lanyard.

Underground or hatch climbs require the Removable Extension Kit.

Extension Kit components:

  1. Standard Saf-T-Notch rail: 4-1/2′ length (or 3-1/2′ for uphole climbs) with top 2′ of guide channel removed to permit Saf-T-Grip™ Shuttle to turn 360˚.
  2. Tie Down Rod with either standard top knob or Quick Release: Assembly with rod threaded at bottom to attach to the Mandril.
  3. Mandril: Permanently installed 6″ inside of the top section of the Saf-T-Notch rail. Solid bar machined on both ends, drilled and tapped at the top, to accept the Tie Down Rod. Secured in place with two cap screws.

*Users should never detach from fall prevention systems while on climbing sections.