Removable Extension Kit

Removable Extension Kit

The Saf-T-Notch Removable Extension is installed on ladders where permanent installation of an extension is undesirable. Use for descents to a lower level or when ascending upwards through a hatch.

The kit extends the Saf-T-Notch Rail above the ground or roof level and allows the climber to attach to the Saf-T-Climb system before descending, or to remain attached to the system after ascending through a hatch. This insures the climber’s continued safety when mounting or dismounting the ladder. 

When not in use, the extension can be removed so a manhole cover, hatch or grate can be replaced over the opening.

Removable Extension Kit Details

  • Material:
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Stainless Steel 
    • Aluminum 
  • Available in two lengths 
    • 4’6″ for descending climbs 
    • 3’6″ for ascending climbs

Extension Kit components:

  • Standard Saf-T-Notch rail: 4-1/2′ length (or 3-1/2′ for uphole climbs) with top 2′ of guide channel removed to permit Saf-T-Lok Sleeve to turn 360˚.
  • Tie Down Rod with either standard top knob or Quick Release: Assembly with rod threaded at bottom to attach to the Mandril.
  • Mandril: Permanently installed 6″ inside of the top section of the Saf-T-Notch rail. Solid bar machined on both ends, drilled and tapped at the top, to accept the Tie Down Rod. Secured in place with two cap screws.
  • On ascending climb systems, a removable extension holder can be mounted at the top of a ladder allowing user to safely climb without carrying the extension. 

Use of one extension rail at multiple sites will require the permanent installation of a Mandril on each ladder.