Potter Roemer – Dana Fire Valve Cabinets

Dana fire valve cabinets

Fire valve cabinets with a clean look — Like their fire extinguisher cabinet counterpart, Dana Series fire valve cabinets distinguish themselves with an exceptionally refined look that’s achieved by concealing handles and hinges. Depending upon door style, glazing and other options chosen, a Dana Series cabinet can effortlessly blend into its surrounding environment or be unmistakably conspicuous.


Valve/Fire extinguisher cabinet shall be Model No. ____________________ as manufactured by Potter Roemer, Santa Ana, CA, 800-366-FIRE. Install the cabinets plumb and level, where indicated on the drawings, at heights acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. Each cabinet shall have a Potter Roemer Model No. ___________ fire extinguisher installed inside.

Specification Example: 8220–F–RH

1 8220 – Cabinet Dimensions, Mounting and Material
2 F – Door Style – Solid Flush Panel
3 RH Optional Lettering – Red


To specify:

  1. Select the cabinet dimensions, mounting style, door and frame material from the Dana Series chart below. The cabinet dimensions and mounting type are determined by the fire extinguisher size and wall depth available.
  2. Select the desired door style:
  • -A Full Acrylic Door
  • -DV Duo-Vertical Panel
  • -DVL Duo-Vertical Panel with Lock
  • -F Solid Flush Panel
  • -FS Solid Flush Panel with Cylinder Lock
  1. Optional: Select 1/4″ acrylic glazing material:
  • -1 Bronze Tempered Safety Glass
  • -2 Smoke Tempered Safety Glass
  • -4 Obscure Tempered Safety Glass
  • -5 1/4″ Wire Inserted Glass
  • -6 1/8″ Clear Acrylic
  • -7 1/8″ Amber Acrylic
  • -8 1/8″ White Acrylic
  • -9 1/8″ Smoke Acrylic
  • -10 1/8″ Red Acrylic
  1. Optional: Select lettering “Fire Extinguisher”:
-HW White
-HB Black
-HR Red
-VW White
-VB Black
-VR Red
-VAW White
-VAB Black
-VAR Red
  1. Optional: Select Lettering “Fire Dept. Valve”
  • -WH White
  • -BH Black
  • -RH Red
  1. Optional Construction and Finishes:
  • FRC- Fire-Rated Cabinets, add this prefix.
  • -RR Rolled Radius Frames, add this suffix.
  • -RED Red Polyester Finish, add this suffix.