JL Industries – Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Ambassador, Academy, Cosmopolitan

The Ambassador, Academy and Cosmopolitan Series provide the least expensive of the recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted cabinets in three trim and door materials: steel, aluminum and stainless steel respectively. Ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, apartments, supermarkets, etc. These cabinets come with a great variety of combination metal-glass door styles and sizes to suit most all portable fire extinguishers. 

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The Embassy Series

A concealed hinge and handle gives our Embassy Series a streamlined modern appearance. Only the door extends from the surface of the wall, hanging from the wall in a distinguished, unadorned fashion. 

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The Cavalier Series

The Cavalier Series is characterized by its bronze or brass finishes. These cabinets are ideal for banks, government buildings and other high profile areas where you are coordinating with hardware finishes. 

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The Clear Vu Series

A convex acrylic bubble door and 4″ tub depth are the primary features of our Clear Vu Series cabinets. The transparent bubble (available in clear, red or bronze acrylic) projects a nominal 2 1/2″ past the cabinet trim, enabling 180? vision of the extinguisher for quick identification in an emergency. The resilience of the bubble makes it both safe and durable. The 4″ tub depth, meanwhile, allows for full recessing into today’s thinner walls, reducing the need for more costly semi-recessed units. Combined, these features make this cabinet ideal for long, narrow hallways or corridors, where the thin walls are common and ease of location is essential. 

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SMB Series Surface Mount Bubble Cabinets

This revolutionary cabinet is the first in the industry to combine the convenience of surface-mounted installation with full 180 degree visibility of the extinguisher through the bubble. This cabinet features a 3″ rolled edge frame/tub combination with bubble to house the extinguisher, eliminating the ?ox look” of common surface mount cabinets. The SMB Series is available in 6 standard powder coat colors; white, gray hammertone, red, brass, bronze and silver. 

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Panorama Series

The Panorama Series is distinguished by its great variety of frameless acrylic doors. The Panorama is available with steel, aluminum, or stainless steel trim. The tub of the Panorama is white powder coated cold rolled steel unless otherwise specified in options. The Panorama features a frameless acrylic door and obtains its identity style from the FE lettering in three colors (white, black, red) and three configurations (V-Vertical, H-Horizontal, A-ldentity). The “stippled” texture of the exterior and exclusive aluminum backing of this “identity” door makes it impossible to remove or even scratch the lettering. This makes it extremely practical for such places as restaurants, shopping malls, banks, office buildings, government centers and other buildings open to the public, where both beauty and durability are desirable. In addition, the Panorama offers a clear untextured acrylic door for a clean, unobtrusive look that will not clash with the design, style or architecture of a room or building.

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