JL Industries – Fire Blanket Cabinets

The Royal Series

The Royal Series of Fire Blanket Cabinets is available in two designs – Roller Blanket and Drop Type.  They come complete with approved blanket.

fire blanket cabinets

Model 9519S21 is a roller-type for emergency use. The enclosed blanket is attached to the vertical roller and comes with arm loops to enable a person to wrap themselves in the blanket in one continuous motion.

Model 9613S21 is a handy “drop” type with folded blanket. Handle is located at the bottom and is pushed down to open the bottom-mounted door which then releases the blanket.

Both units are surface-mounted. Each comes with a nominal 62” x 80” x 2.75 lb., processed wool/synthetic fire blanket which meets the Flammable Fabrics Act: Flammability of Clothing Textiles, Title 16, CFR1610

Specifications: Surface-mounted tub and solid metal door.  The Royal series is available in red epoxy-painted CRS only.  Door hardware includes zinc-plated pull handles and roller catches.

The Royal Series Fire Blanket is also available as a replacement for the above or individually.


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