Williams Bros. – Standard Fire-Rated Access Door

Model WB-FR 800

This Access door is UL and Warnock Hersey Labeled and may be used in a 2hr rated wall assembly. The access door has an automatic panel closer with an inside panel release so that you can open the door from the inside or outside.

Underwriters Laboratories: Northbrook, IL 1-1/2 hr. “B” Label, 250 degree F maximum temperature rise in 30 minutes, for vertical installations, File #R10364(N). Warnock Hersey International: Pittsburgh, CA 1-1/2 hr. rating for vertical wall assembly, Issue #7165. California State Fire Marshall, Approval #3325-1246:103. This door may be used in 2 hr. fire- rated wall assembly.


Door: 18-gauge steel.
Return Frame & Trim: 16-gauge steel
Insulation: 1-7/8″ thick mineral wool contained within door cavity.
Hinges: Fully concealed, pivot type hinge. Allows opening to 140°.
Latches: Self-latching direct action latch, opposite hinge. The latch will accept both key and knurled knob which will be included with each door.
Automatic Panel Closer: Furnished on all doors.
Inside Panel Release: Furnished on all doors.
Finish: Electrostatically applied baked white enamel coat over rust-inhibiting phosphate treated steel. This coating can be used as a finish or as a prime coat.

Packaging and Options

Optional Finish: (AT EXTRA COST) Stainless Steel Type 304 or Type 316 No. 4 Satin Finish. Stainless Steel “B” label door up to and including 36″x36″ size (S.S. throughout. Model WB-FRSS Standard), Zinc coating.
Options: (AT EXTRA COST) Mortise Cylinder Prep, Hot Smoke Seal Gasketing Ceiling Installation: To comply with current fire regulation, largest size acceptable is 24″ x 36″.

Diagrams and Model Sizes

Shipping Wt.
*8″x8″8 1/4×8 1/4117
*10″x10″10 1/4×10 1/41110
*12″x12″12 1/4×12 1/41112
*12″x18″12 1/4×18 1/41121
12″x24″12 1/4×24 1/41122
14″x14″14 1/4×14 1/41114
*16″x16″16 1/4×16 1/41118
*18″x1818 1/4×18 1/41121
18″x24″18 1/4×24 1/41126
20″x20″20 1/4×20 1/41126
20″x30″20 1/4×30 1/41238
21″x36″21 1/4×36 1/41143
22″x22″22 1/4×22 1/41129
22″x24″22 1/4×24 1/41130
22″x30″22 1/4×30 1/41237
22″x36″22 1/4×36 1/41244
*24″x24″24 1/4×24 1/41132
24″x30″24 1/4×30 1/41240
24″x36″24 1/4×36 1/41246
•24″x48″24 1/4×48 1/41262
•30″x30″30 1/4×30 1/41250
•32″x32″32 1/4×32 1/41254
•36″x36″36 1/4×36 1/41267
•36″x48″36 1/4×48 1/41283
•48″x48″48 1/4×48 1/412104

*Standard in Stainless Steel   

• Intended for vertical (wall) application only