Renovation Treads

Make Slippery Stairs Safe Again
Renovate and update any stairway without the costly labor of removing and rebuilding the old stair. American Safety Tread offers a variety of impact-resistant renovation treads for every condition.

For Any Location
Renovation treads install easily over worn stairways of every type including concrete, wood, steel, marble and terrazzo. They can be used inside and out and are ideal for heavy traffic stairways.

Fast, Easy Installation
Renovation treads are delivered drilled and countersunk, ready for immediate installation by anyone who can handle a screwdriver. This installation-ready feature eliminates the greatest expense for stair repair, the need for professional labor.

Lasting Beauty and Protection
The attractive colors of our renovation treads renew old, worn stairways. Drab and unsafe stairs become bright and contemporary with anti-slip protection at every step.

New Vision Line
American Safety Tread Vision-Line highlights the leading edge of each tread, providing visibility going down steps even in dimly lit places. The Vision-Line is especially helpful to the vision impaired.

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