Bilco LadderUP® Safety Post


  1. Pull up loop
  2. Release rod w/ vinyl lift handle
  3. Lock up bracket
  4. Balancing spring
  5. Square tubing
  6. Adjustable mounting channel
  7. Clamp bracket
  8. Stainless steel mounting bolts (3/8-16 x 2″)

1. The Bilco LadderUP® safety post is furnished completely assembled ready to mount on rear of ladder with clamp brackets on climbing side. Ladder must be structurally sound and securely anchored.
2. On hollow round rung ladders insert solid round bar (same length as run) into the top two rungs to provide additional strength and prevent crushing of the rung when the Ladder-UP is fastened.
3. Adjustable mounting fits ladders with rung spacing up to about 14″ [355mm] center to center.
4. Clamp bracket may be reversed to accommodate rung sizes of 3/4″ [19mm] to 1 1/4″ [32mm] with standard 2″ [51mm] bolts furnished. Larger rungs will require longer bolts.

Available Materials and Finishes

  • LU-1: Steel, powder coat safety yellow
  • LU-2: Steel, hot dipped galvanized


Click here for PDF of specs and drawings