Potter Roemer Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

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Fire Rated Cabinets

Fire rated extinguisher cabs

Potter Roemer proudly offers the fire-rated extinguisher and valve cabinets classified and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Available as an option on the majority of Potter Roemer models, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. has classified and listed our fire-rated option for 1- and 2- hour combustible and non-combustible wall assemblies.

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Break Rite® Cabinets

Break rite extinguisher cabs

Horseplay, vandalism and theft are more prevalent today than ever before — increasing the number of broken fire safety cabinets and the risk of serious injury. Without tempered safety glass, a building owner’s liability risks are also increased.

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Alta Extinguisher Cabinets

Alta extinguisher cabs

Variety, elegance and economy, by design — Alta series fire extinguisher cabinets offer an impressive variety of door styles, glazing materials, lettering, finishes and mounting configurations. In addition to their exceptional versatility, Alta Series designs also feature durable, unitized construction for an economical solution that complements virtually any type of construction.

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Buena Extinguisher Cabinets

Buena extinguisher cabs

Attractive, contemporary and versatile — Potter Roemer’s Buena Series of fire extinguisher cabinets feature the ultra-clean, contemporary look of a full acrylic door, available in five eye-pleasing panel colors. In addition, a host of letter colors and placement options make it easier than ever to specify a truly modern, durable and functional fire extinguisher cabinet.

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Dana Extinguisher Cabinets

Dana extinguisher cabs

A solid design that’s solidly in-step — The Dana Series of Potter Roemer fire extinguisher cabinets distinguishes itself with an exceptionally refined look that’s realized by concealing all handles and hinges. Depending upon door style, glazing and other options chosen, a Dana Series cabinet can be designed to effortlessly blend into its surrounding environment or be unmistakably conspicuous.

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Loma Extinguisher Cabinets

Loma extinguisher cabs

A solution that clearly stands out from the crowd — A convex, clear plastic “bubble” window is the earmark of Potter Roemer’s Loma Series fire extinguisher cabinets. This ultra-practical design delivers 180 degrees of visibility for quick identification of the extinguisher. The Loma’s shallow design is also ideal for contemporary structures with limited wall depth.

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