Larsen Industries Medallion Series Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Larsen’s Medallion Series is an extensive line of recessed and semi-recessed cabinets with distinctive solid brass doors and trims. A #4 satin finish is standard, and other polished finishes are available, if specified. This custom series is intended for use in museums, performing arts centers, historical buildings, government and financial institutions, and other special buildings where the elegance of solid brass will complement the overall design. The Medallion Series would be appropriate for either new construction or renovation projects

As an option, solid bronze doors and trims also are available. Muntz Metal also is available – Please contact the factory for additional information..

Box Specification: : All units are equipped with a heavy gauge, white baked acrylic enamel box. Black and other special colors are available, if specified.

Trim and Door Specification:  All doors and trims are solid brass and feature a satin finish with a clear protective coating applied to all exterior surfaces. All doors are 1/2-inch-thick rigid, tubular, hollow metal design. Unless otherwise specified, all Medallion Series cabinets have brass wire pull handle with a self-adjusting roller catch and a matching continuous piano hinge.

To Specify the Gemini Series Download: Medallion Series Submittal | Fire Rated Submittal

  • Select the required model number from the table on the submittal form.
  • Identify the bubble design from the chart in the submittal form and, if desired, specify the bubble and lettering color.

Dimensions, Door Sizes and Trim Selections

For a complete list of dimensions, door sizes and trim selections for the Medallion series of fire extinguisher cabinets please download the Medallion Series Submittal and/or the Medallion Fire Rated Submittal forms.