JL Industries Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Embassy Series

all embassy series meets ADA projection criteria

A concealed hinge and handle gives our Embassy Series a streamlined modern appearance. Only the door extends from the surface of the wall, hanging from the wall in a distinguished, unadorned fashion.

The Embassy Series is constructed quite differently from all of our other cabinet series. A flanged tub, an oversized door that completely covers this flange, a concealed hinge and a concealed handle are among its unique features. The tub of the Embassy is white powder coated cold rolled steel unless otherwise specified in options. Cabinet doors consist of a formed design with 7/8″ nominal thickness. The Embassy is available with steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or brass doors. A roller catch comes standard with all Embassy doors, except the W door style, which includes the SAF-T-LOK™. All J.L. Embassy cabinets shown below meet the A.D.A. projection criteria.

  • Steel: White powder coated cold rolled steel door
  • Aluminum: #180 clear anodized aluminum door
  • Stainless Steel: #4 satin stainless steel door
  • Bronze: U.S.10 satin bronze door
  • Brass: U.S.3 polished brass door

Ordering Procedure

  1. Is the wall fire-rated? If so, select FIRE-FX™ option, unless the cabinet is trimless or surface mounted.
  2. Does the A.D.A. code apply in the areas the cabinets are stationed? If so, select a cabinet with one of the following trim styles: trimless, flat trim, 1 1/2″, 2 1/2″, or 3″ return trim.
  3. Select tub l.D: according to size most suited for fire extinguisher and wall opening. (first two digits of part #)
  4. Select trim material: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or brass. (third digit of part #)
  5. Select trim style: trimless, flat trim, 1 1/2″, 2 1/2″, or 3″ surface mount. (fourth digit of part #)
  6. Select door style: (fifth digit of part #)
  7. Select door glazing: (last two digits of part #)


Available Door Styles (Select One)

VContemporary V
WContemporary V with SAF-T-LOK™

Available Door Glazing (Select One)

10Clear acrylic
13Clear wire glass
15Bronze acrylic
16Gray acrylic
17Clear tempered glass
18Laminated safety glass

 Options (select any)

  • Color powder coated tub
  • Color powder coated door: for steel only
  • Color anodized door: for aluminum only
  • FE letters in black, red or white
  • FIRE-FX™: fire rated tub option
  • Futura “fire” handle
  • #4 stainless steel tub: for stainless steel only
    #6 satin stainless door
    #7 polished stainless door
    #8 polished stainless door
  • U.S. 9 polished bronze door clear coated
  • U.S. 10B oil rubbed bronze door
  • U.S. 4 satin brass door clear coated
embassy cabinet bronze
exploded view of embassy cabinet
embassy cabinet stainless steel


Download Embassy Submittals:  Non-Rated or Fire Rated