Safety Stair Nosings

American Safety Tread cast metal stair nosings have been installed in thousands of projects throughout the United States. Virgin grain granules cast into the walking surface while the metal is in a molten state create an anti-slip tread that lasts the life of the stairway.

LONGEST WEARING Stair nosings shown here ensure anti-slip protection for pedestrians. They also prevent wear and deterioration at the front edge of each step, greatly extending the life of the stairway.

IMPACT RESISTANT Cast nosings are manufactured with alloys that create highly impact-resistant treads to withstand heavy traffic on interior and exterior stairways.

BARRIER-FREE These stair nosings are in full compliance with the Barrier-Free Code for all stairways. They offer a solid anti-slip surface and a gently radiused front edge with no projection beyond the riser.

ANTI-SLIP SURFACE maximum protection against slipping accidents is established through the proper blend of abrasive granules permanently embedded in the exposed walking surface. The process provides traction Underfoot even when wet and oily.

ECONOMICAL Our advanced manufacturing equipment and special American Safety Tread molding process assure the lowest cost per unit.


  • ALUMACAST Corrosion resistant, maintenance free aluminum alloy all-purpose usage.
  • FERACAST Cast iron all-purpose usage. Will withstand heavy industrial punishment.
  • BRONZACAST Rich bronze finish makes this an ideal choice for an upscale, classic effect.
  • NICKELCAST Combination of nickel and bronze blends with stainless steel architecture.
style 820

curb bar

How to Specify
Stair nosings shall be Style No._____________ as manufactured by American Safety Tread Company. Nosings shall be cast in Alumacast, Feracast, Bronzacast or Nickelcast with #24 virgin grain Silicon Carbide Granules embedded into the walking surface while the matrix is in a molten state. Nosings shall terminate not more than 3″ from ends of steps for poured concrete stairs; for concrete filled steel pan stairs, nosings shall be full length of steps less 1/4″ clearance. Nosings shall be furnished with wing anchors, bolts and nuts or concealed cast anchors. All metals shall be furnished in natural metal finish. Feracast shall have one coat of shop-applied black paint.