Disappearing Stairway

We offer customized construction for any job. Compare these features to the competition:

  • Test Weight of 500 lbs.
  • Individual tread test weights of 1000 lbs.
  • Actual shear of rivets tested to 1175 lbs.
  • Steel Frame
  • Extruded aluminum treads & siderails.
  • 5-3/15″ x 19-1/2″ clear tread area.

Use the drawings below with the charts below to find the dimensions for stairway.


  • Lock on door panel
  • Special deep frame to accommodate dropped ceilings
  • Recessed door panel for installation of ceiling finishes
  • Factory mounted roof hatch to utilize unit for roof access
  • 2 hour fire-rated Warnock Hersey label that meets ASTM E-119 & UBC 43-7 requirements, passed 250′ temperature rise in the first 30 minutes.

Required Information

  1. Floor to ceiling height (“C”)
  2. Distance from finished ceiling to floor above (“D”)
    If “D” is less than 13″, the standard box frame will work fine,
    only Chart 1 is needed.
    If “D” is 13″ or more, Chart 2 is needed to determine
    the opening size at the floor above.

MODEL NUMBER = SS/AL-“C” where “C” is exact ceiling height.
For additional “D’s” on Chart 2, please call.