J.L. Industries – Ceiling Tile Application Access Panels

Model CTE

Model CTE

Use: Plaster ceilings

Model CTE makes use of a 1/2″ recessed door panel, and also includes a 1/4″ layer of 22 gauge galvanized expanded metal lath welded into the recess and, 3″ wide expansion wings welded to the perimeter of the frame.


Door: 16 gauge steel
Frame: 14 gauge steel
Finish: White primer coat over a phosphate dipped steel. This coating can be used as a finish or as a prime coat.
Hinge: Continuous hinge mounted on the long side of oblong panels.
Lock: Flush screwdriver-operated steel cam standard. Cylinder lock (with 2 keys) is available in place of one cam lock (at extra charge). Lock is key-coordinated to fit J.L. Fire Extinguisher cabinet as well. Plastic grommet used to finish access hole through tile for control of cam lock.

Packaging and Options

Packaging: One panel per carton

Contact BL Wilcox for latching and other options.

Diagrams and Model Sizes

A – Model Size
Width x Height
B – Outside Frame DimensionsShipping

12″ x 12″12-1/4″12-1/4″91
12″ x 24″12-1/4″24-1/4″132
18″ x 18″18-1/4″18-1/4″142
22″ x 30″22-1/4″30-1/4″212
24″ x 24″24-1/4″24-1/4″202
24″ x 36″24-1/4″36-1/4″313

Special sizes and special modifications can be fabricated upon request.