Milcor – Standard Flush Door for Plaster Walls or Ceilings

Model K

Milcor Model K access door panel

Material: 16-Gauge steel frame with 14-gauge door panel and 22-gauge galvanized casing beads.
Finish: Steel is chemically bonded with a prime coat of electrostatic powder.

The Milcor K access door meets the specific needs of plaster construction — for an easy-to-install unit with an attractive furnished appearance. Usable in either walls or ceilings.


  • An expansion casing bead, included as part of the frame, provides a neat, close, protected finish between frame and plaster, while furnishing added plaster reinforcement.
  • The door panel finishes flush with the plaster surface, making an unobstrusive installation when painted, to match the wall or ceiling.
  • The door panel is mounted to the frame on concealed spring hinges that open to 175 degrees for complete access with allowing the door to impact surrounding surface.

Standard Size and Product Numbers

(Special sizes and modifications fabricated on request)

Door Size*OpeningProduct NumberHingesLocksShipping Weight Each (lbs.)
8″ x 8″8-1/4″ x 8-1/4″3200-010114
8″ x 12″8-1/4″ x 12-1/4″3200-012116
12″ x 12″12-1/4″ x 12-1/4″3200-014117
12″ x 16″12-1/4″ x 16-1/4″3200-016219
12″ x 18″12-1/4″ x 18-1/4″3200-0182110
12″ x 24″12-1/4″ x 24-1/4″3200-0192212
16″ x 16″16-1/4″ x 16-1/4″3200-0202111
16″ x 20″16-1/4″ x 20-1/4″3200-0222113
18″ x 18″18-1/4″ x 18-1/4″3200-0242112
20″ x 24″20-1/4″ x 24-1/4″3200-02624**17
20″ x 30″20-1/4″ x 30-1/4″3200-02835**21
24″ x 24″24-1/4″ x 24-1/4″3200-03024**20
24″ x 30″24-1/4″ x 30-1/4″3200-03235**24
24″ x 36″24-1/4″ x 36-1/4″3200-03435**28

* Add “K” to door size to indicate style desired.
** Cam lock (centered) at top and bottom of panel; balance of cam locks on side opposite hinges.

Packaging and Options

Packaging: One panel per carton.
Hinge: Concealed spring hinges open to 175 degrees. Extract pin from hinge leaf attached to panel permits panel removal. Number of hinges varies with size of door.
Latch: Flush, screwdriver-operated with steel cam. Available with Phillips head, Allen head, or spanner head cam on special order. Cylinder lock with two keys available in place of one cam lock.
Automatic Closing: Integrated concealed spring system furnished on all doors to be installed in walls. Strong coil spring makes door self-closing and self-latching in ceiling applications.